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Hi there my name is Stephanie and I love sex with multiple partners.
Threesomes foursomes you name it, and I'll do it.
I especially love banging big huge black cock.
I love to get all filled up with cum then come home and give my boyfriend a cream pie!
I love gang bang phone sex and cuckold phone sex fantasies.

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A little more about me:

My name is Stephanie and let me tell you about the first time I had sex.
I was a cheerleader and my boyfriend was the football team's quarterback. We were in his car and I let him go all the way.
After we were done I looked up and I could see all of his teammates peering in the windows.
The next thing I knew, he got out and the next guy jumped in and started fucking me really hard.
This went on until the entire football team had pounded my pussy. Their cum was running down my thighs and pooling underneath me.
Needless to say when I got home, my boyfriend had to help me walk inside. Where he immediately dropped to the ground and made me push all that usedup cum into his eager mouth.
My first gang bang and his first creampie.
I love reliving this fantasy. Call me now if you want to hear all about my nasty escapades..
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